WISEST industrial impact – GESTAMP

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The use of the Real Time Location System for forklifts and operators has contributed to:

  • The reduction of the number of incidents between forklifts and operators from 10 in 2019, to 1 in 2021 and 0 up to July 2022 (Implementation of the HEAT MAP of risky areas.)
  • The elimination of the Risk of collision of the produced part with the head of the operator.
  • The implementation of a real time warning for COVID-19 safety distance between operators.
  • The increment of product flow reducing NOK parts from 23% on 2020 to 17% in 2022.
  • The reduction of quality control area personnel: cost saving 324,000 EUR/year
  • The increment of Forklift efficiency: cost saving 50,400 EUR/year
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