WISEST main impact – GESTAMP


The use of the Real Time Location System for forklifts and operators has contributed to:

  • The reduction of the number of incidents between forklifts and operators from 10 in 2019, to 1 in 2021 and 0 up to July 2022 (Implementation of the HEAT MAP of risky areas.)
  • The elimination of the Risk of collision of the produced part with the head of the operator.
  • The implementation of a real time warning for COVID-19 safety distance between operators.
  • The increment of product flow reducing NOK parts from 23% on 2020 to 17% in 2022.
  • The reduction of quality control area personnel needs: Cost saving 324.000 EUR/year
  • The increment of Forklift efficiency: Cost Saving: 50.400 EUR/year

The ergonomics monitoring of operators´ arm movements has led to important improvements in workers’ welfare in their posts.

For the environmental conditions in the working places,  classical Machine Learning models have been created to estimate the maximum temperature. Using a temperature simulator, production planners may plan safety breaks due to high temperatures when  necessary for the sake of workers’ health and safety.